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 نمونه سوالات درس متون مالی 1
English For Financial Management Students

1-Please write the meaning or definition of the following words in Farsi
Net change
Stock holder
Cost of Direct labor
Firm's prospect
Capital budgeting
Book value
Interest rate
2? Please write the meaning or definition of the following words in English

خط بازار اوراق بھادار؛ خط بازار سھام )اين خط رابطه بين خطر يك
نوع اوراق بھادار و نرخ بازده مطلوب آن را نشان م يدھد

بازده متوسط
ريسک سبد اوراق بھادار
بازده واقعي
ريسك يا خطر بازار
سود ده
توزيع سود به سھامداران

ريسك غيرسيستماتيك ريسكي است كه ازوضعيت و تغيير در شرايط
خاص ھر سھم يا اوراق بھادار ناشي م يشود

ريسک گريز
ھزينه مواد اوليه
مفھوم متون زير را توضيح دھيد(نياز به ترجمه دقيق ندارد).
1. The need for short-term financial decision making is suggested by the gap between
the cash inflows and cash outflows. This is related to the lengths of the operating
cycles and accounts payable period. This gap can be filled either by borrowing or by
holding a liquidity, reserve of marketable securities. The gap can be shortened by
changing the inventory, receivable, and payable periods. Now we take a closer look at
this aspect of short-term financial policy.
2. Current asset holdings are highest with a flexible short-term financial policy and
lowest with a restrictive policy. Thus, flexible short-term financial policies are costly
in that they require higher cash outflows to finance cash and marketable securities,
inventory, and ac-counts receivable. However, future cash inflows are highest with a
flexible policy. Sales are stimulated by the use of a credit policy that provides liberal
financing to customers. A large amount of inventory on hand ("on the shelf") provides
a quick delivery service to customers and increases in sales.

? -کدام عنوان را براي پاراگراف زير مناسب است؟
Direct Costs of Financial Distress: Legal and Administrative Costs of Liquidation or
Reorganization As mentioned earlier, lawyers are involved throughout all the stages before
and during bankruptcy. With fees often in the hundreds of dollars an hour, these costs can
add up quickly. A number of academic studies have measured the direct costs of financial
distress. While large in absolute amount, these costs are actually small as a percentage of
firm value.
ھزينه ھاي استيصال مالي
ھزينه ھاي غير مستقيم استيصال مالي
استراتژي خودخواھانه سرمايه گذاري
ودرصورت اينکه در پاراگراف به آنTRUE و در صورت صحيح بودن جمله false در  صورت غلط بودن جمله
قيد گردد. NOT GIVEN اشاره نشدم بود
Investment banks are at the heart of new security issues. They provide advice, market the
securities, and underwrite the proceeds. They accept the risk that the market price may fall
between the date the offering price is set and the time the issue is sold.

A_ investment banks are very important for security market 1-True 2- False 3- Not Given
B_ investment banks do not accept the risk 1-True 2- False 3- Not Given
C-investment banks provide fund management service 1-True 2- False 3- Not Given
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